Церковь Святой Троицы Живоначальной

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Церковь Святой Троицы Живоначальной

Transliteration: Tserkov Svyatoy Troitsy Zhivonachalnoy
Comment: полное название

Троицкая церковь «Кулич и Пасха»

Transliteration: Troitskaya tserkov "Kulich i Paskha"""
Comment: вариант названия

Свято-Троицкая церковь «Кулич и Пасха»

Transliteration: Svyato-Troitskaya tserkov "Kulich i Paskha"""
Comment: вариант названия

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Holy Live-Giving Trinity Church

Comment: full name; usually a shorter name is used if there is an established one
As per the St. Petersburg Toponymy Commission guidelines, transliteration of the names of religious places shall be provided alongside the translation on city signs, signs placed at transportation infrastructure objects, etc.

Kulich and Paskha Trinity Church

other name

Easter Cake and Pudding Trinity Church

other name; literal translation