Собор Казанской иконы Божией Матери

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Собор Казанской иконы Божией Матери

Transliteration: Sobor Kazanskoy ikony Bozhiyey Materi
Comment: полное название

Казанский кафедральный собор

Transliteration: Kazansky kafedralny sobor
Comment: краткое название

Казанский собор

Transliteration: Kazansky sobor
Comment: краткое название

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Cathedral of the Kazan icon of the Virgin

Comment: full name; usually a shorter name is used if there is an established one
Kazan Cathedral is the cathedral church of St. Petersburg, the church of the St. Petersburg Eparchy. In Russian there is a difference between a "sobor"" (cathedral) and a ""kafedralny sobor"" (church cathedral), with ""sobor"" meaning any big important church in a city and ""kafedralny sobor"" meaning the main city church, the church of the diocese . So, e.g., every city district or monastery may have its own ""sobor"" (cathedral), but there is only one ""kafedralny sobor"" (in St. Petersburg — Kazan Cathedral). Though in English there seems to be no such distinction, a ""church"" means any place of worship and ""cathedral"" means a church that is the official seat of a bishop. When translating we can not ignore the difference in Russian, thus in this dictionary we call every ""sobor"" a cathedral (unless they prefer a different translation themselves) and provide a comment explaining the difference."
As per the St. Petersburg Toponymy Commission guidelines, transliteration of the names of religious places shall be provided alongside the translation on city signs, signs placed at transportation infrastructure objects, etc.

Kazan Cathedral

short name; the most used translation

Cathedral of Our Lady of Kazan

short name