Площадь Декабристов

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Internal flag ru.png Русский язык

площадь Декабристов

Transliteration: ploshchad Dekabristov
Comment: полное название
г. Санкт-Петербург

пл. Декабристов

Transliteration: pl. Dekabristov
Comment: краткое название

Internal flag en.png English

ploshchad Dekabristov

Comment: main translation, full name; for short name translation please refer to transliteration section

Decembrists’ Square

This is an established translation. As per the St. Petersburg Toponymy Commission guidelines, it shall be used alongside the transliteration on information media, or instead of it if the first option is not possible. The translation (not transliteration) is widely used for tourist purposes.

Dekabristov Square

translation option; shall not be used acc. to the St. Petersburg Toponymy Commission guidelines, but one can come across this translation