Памятник Воинам-интернационалистам, погибшим в Афганистане

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памятник Воинам-интернационалистам, погибшим в Афганистане

Transliteration: pamyatnik Voinam-internatsionalistam, pogibshim v Afganistane
Comment: 1. Парк воинов-интернационалистов, 2. Серафимовское кладбище

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Monument to Peacekeeping Soldiers who died in Afghanistan

Comment: main translation
One should note, that the monument commemorates the events of 1979–89. And though commonly translated to English as "peacekeeping soldiers"", Soviet ""internationalist"" soldiers did not carry out peacekeeping operations the way Russian troops attempt to do now, or the UN has always attempted to do. Here is an extract from essay ""Russian Peace-Keeping Forces In The Post-Soviet Area"" by Alexander Sokolov that gives an idea about Soviet ""peacekeeping soldiers"": ""The Soviet Union had never sent its combat units to install peace in the framework of UN operations. Throughout its entire history the Soviet military or Soviet military advisors involved in civil wars in other countries provided assistance to ‘progressive’ (according to the Communist leadership) regimes and rebels. This corresponded to the doctrine of so-called ‘proletarian internationalism’, which requires the provision of assistance to those workers fighting for freedom and the progressive struggle for liberation from the oppression of capitalism and its last stage - imperialism. Peaceful negotiations could be used only as an element of struggle, the end result of which was already predetermined by Marxist-Leninist theory."" ((с) http://old.memo.ru/hr/hotpoints/peace/peacekeep.htm)"